Oak Hill Charter School is proposing a rigorous back to basics curriculum with a strong character education program.

Students will be provided a back-to-basics approach to education, focusing on building a proper foundation with facts, grammar, and a traditional approach to mathematics.

The character education program will focus on key virtues that students can exemplify in the classroom, at home, and in the community as they strive to become productive citizens in society.



Core Knowledge is a curriculum, a systematic syllabus of topics to be studied by students that include topics and subtopics in language arts, world history, American history, geography, visual arts, music, mathematics, and science. Core useful referenceshow couponsclick for more infocordon coque telephonebandolier phone casehandyhülle mit kartenfachhttp://aminah.org/ Knowledge balances the description of academic skills with a prescription for subject-content knowledge. The curriculum is designed to give educators a way of knowing what students have experienced in school and to give students a common foundation on which to build additional learning.


Saxon Math is a teaching method for incremental learning of mathematics. It involves teaching a new mathematical concept every day and constantly reviewing old concepts. This spiraled approach allows students to constantly build a bank of knowledge through their elementary and middle school years.


The unique features of Shurley English give students the concrete steps necessary to relate the following:

– a definition to a concept.

– a concept to a skill practice.

– a skill practice to writing.

– writing to effective speaking.

Competent writing begins with understanding correct sentence structure, expands to paragraphs, and results in the enjoyment and satisfaction of well-written essays, reports, and letters. Shurley English provides this and will act to support Core Knowledge.


TREATING OTHERS RIGHT is about our relationships with others, including the SEL competencies of social awareness and relationship skills.

MAKING SMART DECISIONS is about learning to make choices that incorporate many factors, as is age appropriate. It involves learning how to evaluate, identify problems, being aware of personal safety and ethical standards.

MAXIMIZING YOUR POTENTIAL incorporates self-awareness and self-management, and emphasizes long and short-term goals, where age appropriate.

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